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Customers — Create your pet owner account with ease!

Creating your own pet owner account for your pet's facility is easy! In just a few minutes, you'll have your own account and be ready to access the Owner Portal from any device.
It only takes a few minutes to create an account to get started in the owner portal. Please follow these easy steps.
Background colors may vary for your facility

Step 1: Create an account

By now, the facility you're enrolling with has most likely given you a custom link to register your own account. If they have not given you a link, please contact them before proceeding.

Creating an account is simple and takes only a few minutes. When you click on the link provided to you by your facility, you'll be taken to a form where you'll be asked for some information about yourself for your account — things like your name, email, phone number, address, emergency contact, and more. Simply enter your information here and fill out all the required fields as indicated by a (*), and hit submit.

Step 2: Fill out required contracts

Depending on your facility, you may be asked to sign certain liability agreements/contracts before proceeding. If you don't see these contracts after Step 1, don't worry~ Your facility may not have contracts that need to be signed on-line. Please read through the contracts/agreements and sign if you acknowledge the terms of the agreement. You may have the option to sign the contract digitally from your phone, tablet, or computer — no paper copies needed.

Step 3: Add your pet

Once you've completed Steps 1 + 2, you're ready to add a pet to your owner account. To add a pet, simply click on Pet Info and fill out the form — their name, breed, gender, birthday, and so on. Fields with a (*) are required.

Once this step is complete, submit the information via the button at the bottom to save the record.

Step 4: Upload vaccination records

This step may vary slightly depending on how your new facility handles vaccination paperwork, but if you have a digital copy of your vaccinations that you can upload, it can be done here.

To upload vaccination records, click on File Uploads > Choose Files, find the record, and then hit submit.

Your account set-up is now complete!

Paula Mosteller

A graduate of the University of Colorado, Paula spent the early part of her career marketing accounting software applications for large corporations. She continued her career in the corporate world in commercial marketing at The Boeing Company in Renton, WA. On a whim, Paula accepted a position working for a web development company where she discovered her passion for web development and applications. Then Paula decided it was time to go solo. She decided to combine her love of animals and helping people grow their businesses with the help of software. Paula and her long time workmate and friend, Paul Naro joined forces to create PetExec. Now living in sunny Arizona, married and mother of two grown children,  and two rescues, Paula enjoys being a gym rat and working with animal rescues when she is not busy helping PetExec Packmates.

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