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Migrate Data from Gingr App and Others

Are you switching to PetExec from another pet management software program? We're here to help.
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Data Transfers

  • Instructions to Purchase Data Transfer.
    PetExec Data Transfer Terms and Conditions.
  • Data considerations
    While transferring data from one system to another seems easy enough from an outsider’s perspective, it is more complex than simply transferring data from one field to another. Database structures in some systems can either overlap data, be missing variables in required fields, be incorrect or simply not line up perfectly. Because of this, we can never promise that the data transfer will be perfect due to the quality of the data that we receive. It is our opinion that the quality of your data is an important asset and the best way is to do the data entry time to gather the required information. Importing data will almost ALWAYS result in a lesser quality result. Incorrect data will produce an incorrect transfer.
  • What is involved in a data transfer?
    Typically, we gather data by running database queries against your original data source to extract the data we can use. Once it is a usable format, we run a program that will import the data into PetExec. PetExec will not be held responsible for the errors in transfer of data from one database to another. The data is used in the way it is provided and some corrections or modifications by the end user are normal and expected. PetExec support generally spends at least two hours evaluating, parsing and passing data from one system to another to perform the most accurate result.
  • Does PetExec manage custom data transfers?
    If the data is in a format that requires custom programming, additional time to address the complexities may be required. The total cost will be discussed prior to the actual transfer.
  • Is there data that cannot be transferred?
    Yes, in general, PetExec is currently restricted to handling owners, pets, vaccination types, pet vaccinations (what expires when for each pet), breeds and veterinarians. Much depends on the data source itself. We do not currently handle schedules, calendars, billing and other information. PetExec cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data provided from a different vendor database. Exclusions may apply as all formats are not compatible.
  • How much does it cost?
    The cost for the data transfer is $300. Payment must be made on the day of the transfer. There are absolutely NO refunds for data transfers.
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$300 one-time charge
Exclusions may apply
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