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Mobile App for Pet Businesses

With a direct integration with iDogCam plus enhanced Owner Portal access, PetExec Mobile app is the latest tool to offer to your clients, available on iOS and Android.

Give enhanced Owner Portal access to your pet parents

With a dedicated app for iOS and Android alike, your clients will be able to schedule themselves for all of your core services, upload files to their account, purchase packages, and more.

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Deliver in-app notifications

Email inboxes are always growing and our attention to them decreases everyday. Engage with your customers through push notifications, real-time messaging, and much more with PetExec Mobile app.

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Provide secure web camera streams

We're proud to partner with iDogCam, the pet industry's leading expert and provider of web camera access. Our integration with iDogCam is seamless — assign a camera stream to a certain kennel, suite, or room, and the owner will automatically have access to their private stream. No need for usernames or passwords.

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Enhanced Owner Portal Access

Purchase packages, pay balances, upload files, schedule/request core services, and more.

Custom Branding

Using the PetExec admin tools, you can customize the branding of the app from head-to-toe.

In-app Notifications

Float to the top of the notification stack with in-app push notifications, available only with PetExec Mobile app.

iOS + Android Access

Regardless of whether your clients are using an iPhone or an Android, PetExec Mobile app has a free app for them.

Secure File Upload

Pet parents can upload vaccination records, photos, documents, questionnaires, forms, etc., to their account.

Real-time Messaging

Reduce time spent on phone calls and communicate with the customer directly at your own pace.

Integrated Contracts

Allow customers to review and sign your integrated contracts from their phone.

Detailed Order History

In just a few clicks, customers can view their own order history and receipts, right from the app.

Ready to sign up for the PetExec Mobile app?

You can add PetExec Mobile app to your account via your Maintain Company Information page for  $29.99/month. If you need assistance, let us know!