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Welcome to, the best place to view kenneled pets while you're away. View pets in your facility in HD clarity from any Internet connected computer or mobile device. This is a great sales feature for your pet daycare facility, providing guest pet parents peace of mind knowing they can view their pets form their digital devices.

An iDogCam equipped location helps owners generate revenue and delivers kennel customers the best guest viewing experience available.

Find a participating kennel under the kennel locator menu box on our website.

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Join hundreds of your PetExec Packmates and integrate with Broadly! We help local pet service businesses attract, retain, and “wow” their customers every day through powerful customer experiences.

We’re on a mission to bridge local businesses to their modern consumers by helping them: attract and capture leads, streamline their communications by email and text, gather feedback, reviews, and more.

Click here to book a free consultation and ask about our PetExec discount!

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Call Gunnar Johnson at (800) 693-1089 or email him at .

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The Dog Gurus

Just like you, we started our pet care businesses, The Dog Gurus, out of a pure love for pups. Give us four paws, slobbery kisses, and #AllTheFur any day of the week—and we bet you feel the same way, too. It’s because we’ve been there, done that, and we understand just how complex the pet industry is.

Our mission is to help fellow pet care business owners learn from our experience (and the wrong turns we’ve made along the way) to avoid costly mistakes, increase profits, build the brand you’ve always envisioned, and, ultimately, find the freedom to love your pet care business just as much as you love the pet that inspired you to start in the first place.

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Puppy Playground

The Puppy Play Ground System is used at 7500+ pet care facilities all across the world. It is known as the industry standard for dogs designed by dog people.

Puppy Playground sells modular arcades for dogs play areas. Create as many different configurations as you can imagine or fit. Puppy Playgrounds are made of high quality one-piece molding that will not hold odor and are virtually maintenance free.

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The International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA) is a professional business association that provides business resources, industry expertise, staff education and training, certifications, and legislative support for the pet care services industry. IBPSA Members include the owners and employees of pet boarding and daycare facilities, groomers, dog walkers, pet sitters, veterinarians, trainers, and holistic care pet care providers.

Join IBPSA now to be part of our growing international community of pet care professionals enjoying the resources, support, and insight to stay ahead and prepare for the future in the fast-growth, highly competitive world of pet care services. Join now!

PetExec has partnered with IBPSA since 2016 and value the expertise and accountability they bring to the companion pet industry! 

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At Kinn, we believe that Healthier Pets Create Stronger Bonds™. Kind Kleanbowl can help save you money, differentiate your brand, reduce employee turnover, and strengthen your relationship with pet parents. Be a part of positive change for the future that encourages healthy pets, healthy planet, and healthy profits.

Ohio State University Center for Clinical and Translational Science
"Now we can see that the (dishwasher) protocols are less effective at removing and killing viruses and this may help explain why there are still so many illnesses caused by cross-contaminated food." Click here to review research summary.

Preferred Packmate Deals:

Get a Free Case of 32oz. Kleanbowl Frames (a $275 value and equivalent to a 13.4% discount) + Free Shipping on ISO's of $2,000+.  Expires December 31, 2022.

10% off ISO orders of a minimum of $800 for Kleanbowls and NPR (Deluxe Test Kits excluded) & FREE Shipping.

Free shipping on Test Kits for Pet Care Services. Expires December 31, 2022.

Save 3% off total purchase. No minimum required. Cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons.

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Vanguard ID Systems

With our customers in mind, we developed this time saving PetExec feature. Most retail items include a barcode that that can be scanned when adding products in PetExec. With PetExec, you can also add a barcode key tag for your pet owners and their associated pets.

Scanning pets with similar names is now lightning fast. In an instant, scan the barcode on the key tag and PetExec shows both pet and owner information instantly. Pet owners can be assigned only one barcode number since all their pets would fall under the umbrella of that owner.

To order tags, please go to the Vanguard ID website.

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FetchFind – we train your staff while you grow your business.

FetchFind is the pet industry’s #1 online staff training and business solutions platform. We help pet care companies across the globe train and onboard staff so that they can focus resources on providing great customer service and growing the business.

PAWtners Special: Get FetchFind Daycare & Boarding Subscription or All Access Subscription (for those who provide services in the home too) for 20% off of the annual price!

Be sure to use our Packmate discount link or our coupon code PACKMATE to receive the discount.

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Perfect Turf

Perfect Turf -  Pet Grass – Safe Synthetic Turf For Dogs and Dog Facilities.

Perfect Turf® PetGrass® is unlike any other synthetic turf or artificial grass on the market. Perfect Turf® PetGrass® is designed specifically for use with: pet Rresorts, dog parks, kennels and dog runs.

PetGrass® is America’s favorite dog grass. We’ve got installations from California to Chicago to Maine! Find out where you can see our artificial grass in person!

Contact Matt at Perfect Turf for featured pricing and delivery options.

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RetrieveOne Advisors

RetrieveOne Advisors provides pet industry advisors to help early-stage and established organizations implement strategic business solutions. We make this about your needs, one that helps you set and reach achievable goals to grow and sustain your business.

John is a seasoned business veteran with an extensive business management.

Bark at John (612) 850-3433 or by email at

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Kaivac Cleaning Systems

When it comes to safe and healthy kennels, vets, resorts and other animal care facilities, nothing beats Spray-and-Vac cleaning. Kaivac’s systems are built for extreme soil removal, empowering workers to clean hygienically without touching contaminated surfaces. Plus, it cuts labor, chemical, and equipment costs.

Packmates will receive free accessories with their purchase of selected Kaivac spray-and-vack cleaning system and a case of KaiBosh disinfectant.

Rebate form must be submitted with proof of purchase.

View this link for PetExec Kaivac rebate online or fill out and submit the pdf form link below..

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