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Operations Software for Boarding Facilities and Boarders

From managing rooms to intake notes, we've got it all.

Run a boarding facility? We're your new best friend. With PetExec's boarding system, you can:

  • Go Paperless: Contracts + Vaccinations are all stored in the cloud.
  • Allow Self-Scheduling: Owners can schedule themselves with our Owner Portal.
  • Collect Deposits: Charge deposits for all stays and make money in advance of future stays.
  • Manage Kennels and Occupancy: Track your stays with ease and avoid overbooking during peak seasons.
  • Send Automatic Reminder Emails: Automatically tell customers what they need to know prior to their stay.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

(Photo from PetExec Packmate, Gracelane Kennels)

Operations Software for Boarding Facilities and Boarders

From managing rooms to intake notes, we've got it all.

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PetExec for Boarding Facilities

Whether you manage a small boutique facility, or an established larger boarding facility with several buildings, boarding is an intricate operation. Pets need their medicines, have additional services scheduled, and may need pet incidents managed. PetExec takes this multi-faceted operation and organizes it all with one easy to use system.

Make PetExec your one stop shop for managing your boarding facility. Because PetExec is cloud based, you never have to download it onto a device. In fact, use it on your cell phone, tablet, desktop, etc. It is available for you when you need it.  

Use this responsive, customizable system to perform many tasks in your business. Have pet owners utilize our owner portal to schedule their own appointments, receive customized email confirmations and reminders for upcoming stays, pay deposits, purchase packages, have access to their own calendar of scheduled services, etc.

 It is clear why PetExec is the #1 choice for dog boarding facilities.  

How PetExec automated Chris Gatti's business

Chris came from an antiquated pet management system. He tracked everything on paper, spent a lot of time on the phone gathering information from customers and prospects, and had to manually keep track of every file related to his customers.

With filing cabinets overflowing and telephone lines being clogged up, he set out to find a new pet care management software. In his search, he found PetExec, the #1 choice for boarding facilities when it comes to managing their boarding operations. With PetExec, he was able to:

  • Go Paperless
    Since getting PetExec in January 2017, customers submit their vaccination records online, are required to sign a digital contract to book their stay, and has customers fill out digital intake forms online. No more cluttered paper trails here!
  • Clear the Phones
    Customers are able to handle almost all of their business online via PetExec's robust customer portal and PetExec Mobile app.
  • Collect Money in the Off-Season
    One of the keys of managing a business is managing cash flows. Before PetExec, Chris had to keep track of every deposit on paper and customers made it difficult when it came to paying their deposit. Now, Chris can collect his deposits for peak holidays during his off-peak periods, giving him incredibly easy cash flow to use towards any business activities.
  • Automatic Email Reminders
    With PetExec's integrated email marketing settings, emails are automatically sent prior to a customer's stay. Chris customized his emails customers know exactly what they need to know about their stay and know about their current vaccination records — meaning no more customers can say "I didn't know my dog needed that!"
  • Kennel Management
    At any given time, Chris knows exactly how many rooms are booked and how many rooms are available — nothing falls through the cracks and again, there is no unnecessary paper trail! This also ensures that Chris avoids overbooking — every customer has a spot. And if there's not a spot available? PetExec automatically tracks and manages your wait list.
PetExec has literally given me back 20-25 minutes per day per customer. Since everything is digital and the customer can do it, I can skip the manual customer intake process and focus on the actual operations of my business now.

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Features for boarding facilities

We're built for the modern-day boarding facility.

  • Create a customizable boarding eScorecard to easily track feedings, medicines, and eliminations on any device.
  • Custom Options and Services: You can create options for boarding facility (rooms, suites, etc.)  and set your own prices unique to your business.
  • Owner Portal: Allow customers and clients to book themselves for boarding, pay deposits, upload pertinent files, see vaccination records on file, and much more.
  • Contract Management: Require customers sign up to three (3) contracts digitally, once they create their account, and restrict their ability to schedule themselves until these contracts are signed.
  • Document Management: From veterinary notes to vaccination paperwork, store documents related to specific clients on their account and access it any time.
  • Detailed Transaction/Order History: Record keeping is made easy with PetExec; transactions are detailed and documented automatically- view a customer's account with ease at any time.
  • Collect Deposits: Easily require customers to pay a deposit prior to booking a stay and help curb the issue of customers who reserve a room but never show up.
  • Automatic Daycare Fees: We calculate the number of hours/days a dog is boarded and allow you to add on daycare fees at checkout for any dogs that are boarding with you. Play on!
  • Occupancy Management: PetExec seamlessly tracks your occupancy and prohibits users from booking if your facility is full. That said, we allow you to double-book if you like!
  • Create and Sell Add-ons: If you're selling add-ons like walks, Kong treats, and so on, PetExec allows you to add those add-ons to the customer's cart with ease.
  • Manage Waitlist Customers: If you're looking to sort through different booking types, PetExec automatically tracks customers who are wait listed and those customers who have scheduled their stay without paying their deposit; reporting made easy!
  • Quick Reporting: Need to quickly see which dogs require additional services? Our Boarding Snapshot provides you with a top-level overview of exactly what you need to know.

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