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Payment Processing

Petexec offers Stripe for secure and efficient integration of your payment processing through the PetExec system.

Stripe Integration

Setting up the Stripe payment gateway in your PetExec dashboard is simple. Once your business is integrated with Stripe for payment processing, your clients can:
  1. Store credit card information in the system
  2. Pay balances and boarding deposits
  3. Purchase packages from the owner portal or the PetExec mobile app
  4. New! Option to pass Stripe credit card surcharge fees onto your pet owners*

Learn more about the rates for domestic and international providers.

Features of Stripe

Accepts most forms of payment
  • All major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay
  • Device supports tap to pay
  • Eliminates double processing with non-integrated point of sale system
Offers protection and monitoring
  • Fast and secure payment processing—100% PCI compliant
  • Dispute management and fraud protection
  • Customer summary reporting
Enables increased revenue options
  • E-commerce/online marketplace
  • Gift cards
  • Recurring billing
Installs easily
  • Seamless integration
  • Takes only a few minutes to set up in through your PetExec dashboard
  • Does not require advanced technical knowledge
payment stripe integration

*Terms and Conditions: The applicable Stripe processing rates will be used for our US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand packmates. The following exclusions apply:

  • Debit card or prepaid transactions are excluded from credit card surcharge fees
  • All transactions placed through the owner portal or mobile app
  • Packmates in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and Puerto Rico as surcharge fees are unavailable in those states

*Packmates are responsible for following local, state, and federal laws applicable to credit card surcharges, such as providing adequate notice to your customers about the surcharge. PetExec shall not be liable or responsible if your business fails to comply with applicable laws. Please consult with your legal counsel if you have any questions.

Have questions?

If you've got questions about Stripe payment processing, contact us!