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Pet Snaps Messaging

This optional add-on keeps you engaged with your customers via text messaging, image texting, text reminders, and more.
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Texting - Yeah!

  • Instructions to Purchase Pet Snaps Messaging
    Pet Snaps Messaging Terms and Conditions
  • Watch a pawesome video about Pet Snaps Messaging.
  • Attach a picture to your text messages.*
  • Two way SMS capability. Your customers can reply to your text messages.*
  • Automated text message appointment reminders.
  • Send text reminder messages from boarding, grooming, scheduled services appointments and group training classes.
  • Resend any SMS message.
  • * Availability varies by location. (i.e. Feature may only apply to US and Canada.)
$10 per month plus usage charges
Attach a picture to messages
SMS logs for your records
Two-way SMS capability

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