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Operations Software for Doggie Daycares and Pet Care Businesses

Run a daycare? We'll let you in on a little secret... PetExec was built for people just like you.

With PetExec's daycare system, you can:

  • Go Paperless: Contracts and vaccinations are all stored in the cloud.
  • Self-Service: Owners can schedule themselves with our Owner Portal, or the PetExec Mobile app.
  • Manage Play Areas: Assign dogs to different play areas based on various criteria.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Operations Software for Doggie Daycares and Pet Care Businesses

Managing a few to many dogs a day, just got a whole lot easier.

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PetExec for Daycares

Pet management software in the past has proven to be quite clunky, inefficient, or just plain doesn't work to serve the needs of modern-day daycares around the globe... until now.

Meet PetExec — your one-stop shop when it comes to managing your growing dog daycare business with ease. PetExec is built in the cloud, meaning that you don't need to download any software onto your computers to access it. In fact, it can be accessed on any device you have — tablet, cell phone, desktop, and more.

Furthermore, we built PetExec to serve the modern-day daycare — to serve you and your customers! With features like a self-service owner portal, integrated digital contracts, full point-of-sale for any daycare services you might offer (half-day, full-day, etc), and so much more, it's clear why PetExec is the #1 choice for pet daycares.

Customers love PetExec

From smaller boutique daycare to large full service facilities, PetExec helps businesses grow their bottom-line without having to focus on the nitty-gritty administrative side of the business. We handle the technical side of things so you don't have to!

Our Packmates love the ability to manage their business from top-to-bottom, allowing them to scale exactly how they want.

“Bookings increased by 75% year-over-year. PetExec has made managing those bookings easy-as-can-be.”

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Features for daycares

Curious to see what we have to offer your daycare facility? You're in the right place!

  • Custom Options and Services: You can create options for daycare types (half-day, full-day, etc.)  and set your own prices unique to your business.
  • Daycare Packages: Entice customers and clients to save money by bundling days together and creating packages — multiple days of daycare that can be purchased in advance for a discount.
  • Daycare Subscriptions: Subscriptions are a great way to build predictable revenue streams and secure money in advance. Manage them with ease with PetExec's recurring subscription tool.
  • Scheduled Daycare: Allow customers or your team to schedule dogs for daycare in just a few clicks. PetExec tracks pets by owner so you can schedule a daycare stay for all of the pets in a family with one reservation or schedule them separately if they each have unique options.
  • Manage Vaccinations: From uploading vaccination documents for each pet to setting vaccination dates and alerts in the system, manage vaccination records with ease. You can even restrict owners from scheduling themselves in advance and send out vaccination notices to customers, all automatically!
  • Unlimited Texting: Want to keep customers informed about their pups during the day? With our Unlimited Texting add-on integration, you can do just that and communicate easily with customers via image text, two-way text, or text reminders.
  • Quick Sign-In: Sign pets into daycare in just a matter of clicks. You can then quickly and easily take care of the pet's owner, add services to a daycare stay, or add a note about that pet.
  • Manage Play Areas: With dogs ranging from small to large and calm to energetic temperaments, you may want the ability to separate dogs based on a variety of characteristics. To help with these, we've got integrated play area management so you and your team can assign where each dog is going and when.
  • Custom Report Cards: Customers and clients love to know how their dog does in daycare — especially the first-timers — so we made it easy for you to create custom report cards with photos of the pet, notes, and much more. These report cards can be printed off and given to the customer on pick-up or emailed to them in just a few clicks.
  • Easy Checkout: With PetExec, you're not only getting a daycare management tool — you're getting a full-service point-of-sale to help manage your whole business. Check out dogs with ease, add retail products like dog food or accessories, and charge the client in just a few clicks.

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