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PawLoyalty vs PetExec: Daycare Software Comparison.

It’s an exciting time in any pet professional’s journey when they are at the point of scaling their business. One of the best ways to do this is by reinvesting profits back into the business by purchasing a dog daycare software.  

A pet care business software gives you back your time so you can focus on serving more customers and growing your bottom line. But with so many different software options available, which one is the right choice for you?

Below we compare two of the best dog daycare software providers, PawLoyalty and PetExec, to give you a better understanding of their features, pricing, and more.

PawLoyalty Vs. PetExec quick overview.

PawLoyalty and PetExec are both cloud-based business software tools that serve the pet care industry. From dog groomers to dog walkers, these all-in-one software tools are a must for the modern pet professional.

The software takes care of time-consuming admin tasks, such as scheduling employees and appointment reminders, freeing up hours of their customers’ time.


PawLoyalty is a US-based software founded in 2010 to simplify and streamline processes and admin tasks. The software’s simplistic nature and user-friendliness has made it a strong favorite amongst pet care business owners.


PetExec was founded 4 years prior to PawLoyalty in 2006. It’s well known in the industry for being able to handle the needs of both small businesses and large pet care facilities alike. The software is highly customizable which benefits both small and large business operations.

7 factors to consider when choosing between PawLoyalty and PetExec.

When comparing pet business software, it is important to consider the needs of your business. From software features to customer support, what might be mandatory for one business might not be necessary for another.

Consider these 7 main factors when choosing between PawLoyalty and PetExec for your doggy daycare.

1. Dog daycare software features.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing between PawLoyalty and PetExec is whether the software provides the particular features you need to automate your business.

Both PawLoyalty and PetExec have a large suite of features that will save you time and streamline your operations. They are both able to:

  • Reduce no-shows by sending automated appointment reminders
  • Manage employees by tracking breaks and shift start and end times
  • Engage clients by sending report cards filled with photos of their pets
  • Schedule appointments using a drag-and-drop calendar
  • Produce detailed reports for business analysis
  • Integrate with Quickbooks to export financial details
  • Create pet profiles detailing temperament, medical needs, and more
  • Gain reviews for your business by sending automated review requests through email or SMS
  • Make selling retail products much easier
  • Provide inventory management
  • Offer online booking for pet parents
  • Make customer check-outs much quicker
  • Set custom prices and packages for services
  • Provide pet grooming photo management
  • Offer loyalty programs for recurring customers

In addition to the above, PetExec also offers a mobile app for pet parents which PawLoyalty doesn’t. This app is an online owner portal where customers can review and sign contracts, request and schedule appointments, and pay invoices.  

As 76% of consumers said that convenience is the biggest factor when choosing a retailer, giving pet parents the option to do things online can give you a huge competitive advantage.  

2. Pricing.

The pricing of PawLoyalty and PetExec will play a large role in deciding which software is best for your business. Both software offer a 3-tiered pricing plan so you have more choices when picking the right plan for your business.

When choosing between the pricing plans available you should consider:

  • Features: Are the features you need available on all the plans?
  • Scalability: Will the software charge more as you scale your business and grow your customer base?
  • Budget: Does the pricing plan fit your budget?
  • Business size: Will you be charged more for having a medium to large business?


Both PawLoyalty and PetExec offer all their features on all their plans. However, the features that each offers do differ, so be sure to choose the software that includes all the features you need.


For scalability, PetExec is the best option because the pricing plans are the same whether you have 10 customers or 1000 customers. PawLoyalty on the other hand scales their prices as your customer base scales.


When considering your budget, both software offer competitive pricing. For medium to large businesses, PetExec is the best daycare software choice because both the higher-tiered plans are slightly cheaper than the higher-tiered plans of PawLoyalty. PawLoyalty on the other hand is better suited for solo entrepreneurs as the lower-tiered pricing is cheaper than PetExec.

Business size.

When considering the size of your business, PetExec is best suited for medium to large businesses with multiple moving parts and employees. This is because the software is highly customizable and is much more capable of serving larger facilities. The basic features of PawLoyalty, on the other hand, are better suited for small businesses that have fewer items to keep track of.

PawLoyalty pricing plan.

PawLoyalty pricing plan for the 'PawLoyalty vs PetExec' article
Source: PawLoyalty

PetExec pricing plan.

PetExec pricing plan for the 'PawLoyalty vs PetExec' article
Source: PetExec

3. Supported platforms and devices.

Both PawLoyalty and PetExec are cloud-based software that can be accessed from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection. The software remains synced from one device to another which makes staff communication much more effective. This means one employee using a tablet in one area will be synced with another employee using a mobile in another area.

Some pet business software tools have to be downloaded to a desktop and be routinely updated. By using a cloud-based software like PawLoyalty and PetExec, you aren’t forced to be in one place at a time. This is especially handy if you are grooming or walking a dog which makes accessing the desktop difficult.

4. Customer support.

As with most new software, there will be a learning curve and you may get stuck a few times. Usually, this happens at the worst times, like when you have a busy pet parent in front of you wanting to pay their bill and leave!

That’s why it’s important that the software you choose has a great customer support system in place. You will need help in the moment which is why the customer service should also be available in the moment.

  • PawLoyalty provides phone support and email support
  • PetExec provides phone support, email support, and live chat support

Both software provide great customer service but PetExec also offers live chat support which is great when it’s not feasible for you to jump on the phone.

5. Training.

When implementing a new piece of software in your business, it’s important the software provides an in-depth training session for you and your employees. This will help you get the most out of the software and use it to its full potential.

Training sessions also prevent you from spending hours of your time trying to learn the ropes by yourself. The software should be saving you time, not taking your time by learning how to use it!

Both PawLoyalty and PetExec provide initial onboarding and training for their customers. However, PawLoyalty’s plans do include unlimited staff training for all new hires. PetExec on the other hand charges for these additional training sessions.

6. User experience and integrations.

Another factor to consider when choosing between PawLoyalty and PetExec is the user experience. Both daycare software are very simple to use and the drag-and-drop features make scheduling appointments quick and easy.

PawLoyalty software user interface.

PawLoyalty user interface for the 'PawLoyalty vs PetExec' article
Source: PawLoyalty

PetExec software user interface.

PetExec's user interface for the 'PawLoyalty vs PetExec' article
Source: PetExec

Daycare software integrations.

The two software also integrate with other service providers that you might already be using in your business:

  • Reviews: Both software integrate with Broadly for review acquisition.
  • Web cameras: PetExec integrates with iDogCam. PawLoyalty doesn’t support a webcam feature.
  • Client check-ins: PetExec integrates with Vanguard ID Systems and PawLoyalty integrates with PetDetect.
  • Payment processing: PetExec integrates with Stripe and PawLoyalty integrates with CardConnect.
  • Accounting: Both integrate with Quickbooks for exporting data.

7. PawLoyalty Pro software Vs. PetExec software reviews.

It’s always a good idea to check online reviews before purchasing the dog daycare software of your choice. Both PawLoyalty and PetExec have lots of great reviews online from helping countless pet businesses.

PetExec does have significantly more online reviews than PawLoyalty, even though they have both been around for over 10 years. According to GetApp, 98% of PetExec customers recommend their services compared to only 93% of PawLoyalty customers.

PawLoyalty has a couple of complaints online that the software often changes the breed of dogs to a different breed and can be buggy at times but on the whole customers like the easy-to-use interface.

PetExec customers like how customizable the software is but one customer would like the software to be able to integrate with other service providers.

PawLoyalty vs PetExec review comparison
Source: GetApp

Final thoughts.

Both PawLoyalty and PetExec are great pet industry business tools. They both have lots of amazing features to grow and scale your pet care business and look after all those annoying admin tasks.

PetExec narrowly beats PawLoyalty to the best dog daycare software title. Offering a mobile app for pet parents really sets them apart and offers their clients’ customers much more convenience. In this digital age, a larger online presence is a must.

To learn more about how PetExec can handle all your pet business needs, book a free demo today!

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