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Gingr vs. PetExec: Best Dog Daycare Software Comparison

So you’ve reached that point in your doggy daycare business where you need daycare management system? Congratulations, this is a wonderful place to be on your entrepreneurial journey! 

You’ve likely already heard of PetExec and Gingr. They are widely considered the top pet care software providers available. But with both earning countless positive reviews online, which one is best overall? 

Below we will compare and contrast the two pieces of software to make it easier for you to decide. From features to pricing, we will deep dive into both options so you can easily choose the best dog daycare software for you and your business.  

Gingr and PetExec Quick Overview.

Both Gingr and PetExec are business management software tools that cater to the needs of pet businesses. They are both an all-in-one business tool that allows the modern pet professional to streamline their operations and organize everything in one place. 

From accounting to sending out appointment reminders, both software are considered mandatory tools in their clients’ pet care businesses. 


Gingr is based in the US and was created by a doggy daycare owner struggling to keep track of his admin tasks. They have a keen understanding of the needs of pet daycares and developed a software to suit those needs.


PetExec is also based in the US but was founded 9 years before Gingr. They have had almost a decade longer in the pet business industry and have serviced far more clients. PetExec has seen it all and have a robust, well-rounded software to show for it. 

7 factors to consider when choosing between PetExec and Gingr. 

1. Dog daycare software features. 

When choosing a new dog daycare software, it’s best to start by deciding which software features will automate and simplify your business operations. Your goal is to spend less time completing annoying admin tasks and more time looking after your daycare pet parents.

The good news is that both Gingr and PetExec offer very similar software features so you don’t have to worry about picking one and finding that the other one has far more features. 

Both pet business tools give you the ability to:

  • Organize and view multiple types of appointments and schedules all in one calendar.
  • Produce detailed financial reports for accounting season.
  • Manage different areas of your pet daycare and easily track where each pet is.  
  • Automate the sending of appointment reminders to your clients.
  • Set custom prices for half-day/full-day clients.
  • Boost your income by selling retail products such as pet clothes and toys.
  • Edit pet profiles to detail important information such as allergies and temperament.
  • Set custom employee commission rates for groomers and trainers based on their expertise and skill level.
  • Allow your clients to reserve and pay for services online.
  • Send your clients report cards and pictures of their pets having fun at daycare.
  • Prompt your clients to sign and upload important documents such as contracts and immunization records.
  • Communicate with pet parents through emails and SMS messages.

There are only a couple of features where PetExec and Gingr differ. Examples include:

  • Gingr has a built-in loyalty rewards program that allows you to give your valued customers extra appreciation.
  • PetExec allows you to schedule pick-ups and drop-offs at your client’s house to provide a more convenient service.

Both Gingr and PetExec allow their customers to submit feature requests, so if you find one provider has a feature you really like but the other one doesn’t, you can easily request that particular feature can be considered to be added to the suite.  

2. Pricing plans.

Both Gingr and PetExec have amazing features, but what about the price? Both software providers have a tiered pricing scheme to give their customers more options.

There are a few items to consider before picking the right plan for you.

Business type. 

If you are a solo practitioner with a small daycare business, then Gingr could be the one for you. They offer a plan specifically for dog daycares called ‘Play.’ Having this option means you aren’t paying extra for the dog boarding service which you likely won’t use. 

On the other hand, if you are a doggy daycare that also provides pet grooming or dog boarding services, PetExec is best for you. Every plan they offer includes their whole suite of features, not just the doggy daycare specific ones. This means you don’t have to pay extra to include your other pet care services.


Learning how to use a pet care software will take time, so it’s best to choose one that efficiently scales with you and your business. You want to avoid spending hours learning a new dog daycare software, only to switch to a more comprehensive one a year or two later. 

If you have any future plans to offer pet boarding or pet grooming services, PetExec might be best for you. The prices for PetExec remain the same regardless of how big you scale. In contrast, Gingr scales their prices as their customers’ businesses scale. 

Available features. 

It’s a good idea to check the plan you choose comes with all the features you require for your business. PetExec offers every software feature on all their plans whereas Gingr’s features depend on your chosen plan.   

Gingr gives access to the pet parent mobile app on all their plans but PetExec requires an additional fee to get access to the mobile app each month. 


It’s very important to choose a plan that fits your budget. When choosing a dog daycare software, PetExec is the most affordable option.

  • PetExec charges $105 for all the pet care services, including daycare. 
  • Gingr charges $135 to unlock the pet daycare service.

PetExec also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. 

Gingr’s pricing plan:

Gingr's pricing plan to show the Gingr vs. PetExec pricing comparison

Source: Gingr

PetExec’s pricing plan:


PetExec's pricing plan to show the Gingr vs. PetExec pricing comparison

Source: PetExec

3. User experience.

Both Gingr and PetExec are completely customizable so you can easily organize different sections of your daycare. If you have one area for neutered dogs and a separate area for unneutered dogs, you can easily keep track of which dog is where and which of your employees is looking after them.

Both Gingr and PetExec are user-friendly and simple to navigate. Each one uses color coding to make scheduling and organizing appointments easier. 

Both software are cloud-based which means you and your employees can access the software at any place in your facility without worrying about syncing issues.

The two pieces of software do have different looks though so you might find you are drawn to one aesthetic over the other.

Gingr’s user interface:

Gingr's user interface to show the Gingr vs. PetExec style comparison

Source: GetApp

PetExec’s user interface:

PetExec's user interface to show the Gingr vs. PetExec style comparison

Source: PetExec

4. Dog daycare software integrations.

PetExec and Gingr both integrate seamlessly with other applications you might already be using in your pet care business. 

  • Reviews: Both softwares integrate with Broadly for review acquisition.
  • Web cameras: Both integrate with iDogCam but Gingr also integrates with abcKam.
  • Client check-ins: PetExec integrates with Vanguard ID Systems and Gingr integrates with Kisi.
  • Payment processing: PetExec integrates with Stripe and Gingr integrates with CardConnect and Gingr Payments.
  • Accounting: Both have Quickbooks export functionality.

If you prefer using abcKam over iDogCam then Gingr will be best for you.

But if you prefer to use a barcode check-in system over a keyfob system then PetExec is best for you. 

5. Customer support.

Gingr and PetExec both have excellent customer support systems in place. They both provide US-based technical support which means you don’t have the annoyance of explaining complex technical issues to someone overseas.

They provide multiple ways for clients to seek assistance when encountering problems which include:

  • Email support
  • Live chat
  • Phone support 

Both Gingr and PetExec provide these customer support options to all their customers so you won’t be left stranded if you pick the cheapest plan. 

6. Training.

Implementing new pet business software will be a learning curve for most dog daycares. Luckily, both PetExec and Gingr offer extensive training to help you get the most out of the software.

Both providers offer onboarding appointments to get you fully set up and additional training classes if you ever need help with implementing a new feature or service. 

In addition, Gingr also has multiple online training videos to help you if you ever get stuck. Whichever provider you pick, you won’t be left trying to figure out this new dog daycare software alone.

7. Dog daycare software reviews.

Learning the likes and dislikes of PetExec and Gingr customers can make choosing the best daycare software easier.

Both Gingr and PetExec have great reviews online and both have over 4.5-star ratings. PetExec comes out slightly ahead with 98% of their customers recommending the app compared to just 93% of Gingr’s customers. But overall, you can purchase either one with confidence. 

Gingr vs. PetExec review comparison

Source: GetApp

Gingr pros and cons.

Most customers seemed to love how extensive the Gingr software is and the detailed reporting it provides. They liked the ability to customize the software based on their needs and noted how much their customers liked the pet parent mobile app.

One Gingr customer noticed the software is sometimes glitchy and the basic functions, such as searching a client’s phone number, doesn’t always work. Another customer didn’t like the steep learning curve when implementing the new software and the sometimes long wait for support. 

PetExec pros and cons.

Most PetExec customers are blown away by the customer support they receive when using the software. They like how versatile the software is in scheduling different types of services. They also like how they can try the software risk-free with the 30-day money-back guarantee.

One pain point a PetExec customer noticed was the inability to allocate commissions to the day the service was performed as opposed to the day the commissions were collected. However, as PetExec constantly updates their software based on customer feedback, this and other pain points can easily be fixed in software updates.  

Final thoughts.

Both Gingr and PetExec are fantastic pet business software tools. They both have all the features you’ll ever need to streamline your pet daycare business and free up your time to focus on other items.

After a thorough daycare software comparison, PetExec narrowly beats Gingr to the best dog daycare software title. With the most affordable prices, excellent ongoing customer support, and the ability to offer more than just dog daycare services, PetExec will make scaling and organizing your business effortless.

To learn more about how PetExec can handle all your pet business needs, book a free demo today!

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