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Project Management Software for Pet Businesses

Managing projects is no easy task, especially as a small pet care business owner. There are always many moving parts, people to consider, tasks to delegate, and goals to set. It can quickly get out of hand and become disorganized, leaving you with more of a mess than you started with.

When you set up projects for your pet care business, you might find yourself wasting more time than necessary on the little things. There's already a lot to do within your business. The last thing you want to do is spend more time trying to track who's working on what, what has been completed, and what is left to complete.

With project management software, you can streamline many processes, freeing up your time for more important things. 

What is project management software?

Project management software is a tool that helps businesses organize, track, and manage their projects. It can help employees plan and organize projects, communicate with team members, track progress, manage resources, and analyze project data. 

Many different project management software solutions are available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The best pet facility software for a particular business will depend on the specific needs of the team and the project.

Why use a project management software?

Running a pet care business, you know the ins and outs better than anyone. You know the projects you need to take on, the status of ongoing projects, and everything you and your team have completed. 

Planning your projects and executing them is vital for your business's success. But, tracking everything manually can be incredibly challenging and mentally exhausting. Trying to organize projects over sticky notes, whiteboards, and spreadsheets isn't an efficient way of managing projects.

Common project management challenges.

A successful project is one where you or your team finishes on time with little error and stays within budget. There are a lot of challenges teams face in even the smallest of projects. Understanding the common project management for small businesses challenges can help you better overcome them when they occur.

Some of the common challenges you might encounter include:

  • Poor or lack of communication
  • Unclear goals
  • Poor budgeting and financial planning
  • Scope creep (a common project management challenge where the requirements for a project continue to grow larger than what was originally agreed upon)
  • Mismatched skills and task assignments
  • Potential accountability issues and work conflicts
  • Difficulty tracking project progress
  • Missing deadlines

Without specialized software, you end up with files scattered, information getting lost, employees not knowing their roles, and people scrambling to find answers. These scrambles for control and organization essentially waste precious time and resources. 

You want to ensure everyone is on the same page, and communication is vital. Sure, you could host meetings daily or weekly but with project management software, you can keep communication all in one place.

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6 benefits of project management software.

There are several benefits to utilizing software with a built-in project management tool. From a pet-sitting business to a dog-walking business, most pet care businesses will feel the benefits.

1. Improved task management. 

Delegating tasks is vital to managing projects for any pet business. Proper task management can help you streamline your projects from start to finish. With a scheduling feature, you can easily manage time worked on the project and allocate tasks, create deadlines, and more.

2. Better communication. 

Communication is key when working on a project with a team, especially if the team doesn't work simultaneously or in the same place. Communication gaps can create duplicate efforts, time wasted, and unnecessary delays. With project management software, all of your data is in one place where you can delegate tasks, message or tag specific employees, and share documents.

You can also keep all communications in one place instead of losing important information in various email chains, handwritten notes, or separate direct message channels.

3. Centralizing data and information. 

Project management software stores your data in one place. With everything you need for your projects in one place, you can easily keep your project information organized and easily accessible by anyone on your team.

4. Better onboarding. 

For any projects you have ongoing or planned in the future, you might need to bring a new person in to take on some tasks. With easy-to-use project management software, you can quickly get your new team members up to speed. You can review the individual project logs with visuals and data to review the entire project in an easy-to-view format.

5. Reduce risks and minimize mistakes. 

Identifying potential issues within a project or with operations can help improve many aspects of your business. It can help you to create strategies that reduce human errors, prevent duplicate work, and keep operations efficient.

6. Increase productivity. 

With each team member in the loop, they can better understand their role in each project or task. They'll be able to see deadlines, tasks that need to be completed, and who needs to take on what. Not only that, with projects laid out in front of you, any decisions are informed and able to be made quickly.

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How to choose project management software.

In any business, projects will look a little different to each team. Project management software can be vital for running pet businesses, such as training businesses and grooming businesses. It can help you communicate business needs, stay on top of scheduling, and ensure everything that needs to get done is completed quickly and efficiently.

There are a lot of software options on the market. So, how do you choose the right tool to keep your business running smoothly? Follow these steps to help you find the right project management software for small businesses.

Step one: Consider the features that your business needs. 

What are the features of each project management software option? There are tools available for just about any need. Whether you need simple to-do lists, communication tools, file sharing, budgeting, or reporting, find the right software that has everything you need without too many features that you just won't use. 

Step two: Consider your budget. 

How much are you willing to spend on your project management software? With the wide range of software available, there will be some that are affordable, some that may cost thousands and are just above your budget. You want to find the best tool that meets your needs without breaking the bank. 

Step three: Consider the interface and how easy it might be to use. 

Working with new software that's overly complex can be frustrating. It can take a lot of your time just trying to figure out the features and how it works. Then, you spend days training your team to work with the complicated software. 

Working in the pet care industry, you don't really need anything too complex. You want project management software that's easy for you and your team to use daily.

Step four: Consider your reporting needs. 

Are you able to easily pull reports for the data you need? Pulling data, creating reports, and designing visuals or dashboards can help you manage and stay on top of each project's health.

Step five: Consider the potential for integration with other business software. 

As a small business owner, you might have multiple applications you need to use, whether it's for projects directly or just running the day-to-day. If your chosen project management software can integrate with other apps you need, you can manage more of your business in one place.

PetExec project management tools.

The PetExec software suite is designed to help pet professionals with their unique business needs. Running a pet-centric business requires specially designed features and tools to help your business run smoothly and efficiently. 

  • Scheduling: PetExec offers a calendar for all members of your team to access bookings, projects, tasks, and employee schedules all in one place.
  • Reporting: Staying on top of projects and managing the daily tasks for your pet business, you'll need to review trends and data to plan for the future. With reporting, you can review how your business is doing overall, from inventory management, scheduling, reviewing employee data, and more.
  • Communication: Communication within the team can make or break any project. Using software with a feature that allows you to constantly communicate with your team no matter where you are. You can delegate tasks on the road, change schedules, update team members on key changes, and more.
  • Integration tools: PetExec can integrate with many external software and apps to help you manage your business. No more switching between apps daily to run your pet business.

Project management with PetExec.

There are multiple projects your pet care business is likely already undertaking that PetExec can streamline for you. 

Projects PetExec can help with include:

  • Marketing projects: You can create an email marketing campaign in PetExec that sends weekly newsletters, updates, promotions, and more to engage with pet owners.
  • Social media projects: In today’s digital age, having an online presence as a pet business is a must. You can use PetExec to instruct your employees to take photos of your client’s pups to be uploaded to your brand’s social media page. 
  • Staff training projects: Pet care businesses know the importance of proper training for their staff. PetExec allows you to schedule training for your employees so you don’t overbook them elsewhere. This will make sure they have the time they need to complete their tasks. 
  • Review management projects: Many prospective pet parents look to online reviews for help with deciding which dog daycare or training business they will use. PetExec integrates with Broadly to make getting these valuable reviews much easier. You can also send automated review requests through email to increase your review count.
  • Increased revenue projects: Lots of pet care companies would like to increase their overall revenue. PetExec makes selling retail products much easier by having an inventory management module and an ‘add to cart feature.’ 

With the right project management tools built into your dog daycare software, you can focus on spending more time with your clients' building relationships and growing your business.

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Final thoughts.

Great project management software can help ensure your projects are successful. PetExec's software suite designed for pet businesses has everything you need to manage your business. 

You can customize the interface and personalize the software to your brand. With the simple, easy-to-use project management features, your pet business will be unstoppable.

To learn more about how PetExec can handle all your pet business needs, book a free demo today!

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